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Holy Shit! Representation Matters! Or, How SFF Helped Me Realize I’m Nonbinary

I’m trans/nonbinary. I use nonbinary pronouns such as they/them, and I came to this bit of self-knowledge through the science fiction and fantasy (SFF) community.

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Earlier this year, I had a fun chat with Emily Win on her podcast Our Daily Beard: “What are Spivak Pronouns? And More on the Queer Sci-fi World with Cam Coulter .”

On the podcast, I got to shout out a bunch of awesome queer and trans science fiction and fantasy (SFF) stories. I also got to talk about how reading trans SFF helped me realize that, yes, I could be trans/nonbinary, and, yes, in fact I am.

That chat inspired me to write a personal essay sharing more about how centrally important SFF is to my gender identity and genderqueerness and about how gosh darn important representation actually is. That essay is now published on Skiffy and Fanty for your reading pleasure: “Holy Shit! Representation Matters! Or, How SFF Helped Me Realize I’m Nonbinary.”

Go check it out and share it, please! I’m really proud of this essay, and I think queer/trans SFF and representation are super important topics for us all to read and talk about.

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